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Nov 9, 2010

Sticky-Post :- Looking for New Bloggers to join our Blog

i am sorry guys that we have been MIA for over a month..many of you asked what happened to our blog..well the reality is Lavy ( @RobstenDevoted ) is apparently no longer tweeting.... and  both Alex (@romania_robsten) and me (mesweetgirl) have been extremely busy with University and exams.....so we could not pssiblet find the time to update the blog...however we do want to continue the blog...

so we are searching for new bloggers/staffers who are willing to join our group....

the requirements are :-

1) Preferably from the US time zone 
2) preferably sumone who has a knowledge with Blogger

the above two are still optional....but the MOST IMPORTANT CONDITION IS

3) MUST love Robert/Kristen both together or apart

As a  Blogger/Staffer you will be required to give the blog at least 1-2 hours of your time..and you are required to update any news you get regarding R/K or the rest of the Twi-Cast

If any of You are interested please contact me at twitter ...just send me a tweet at @mesweetgirl  or you can also mail me HERE 

you can also comment here giving your contact info

WE REALLY WANT TO KEEP THIS BLOG ACTIVE...so if you are interested please contact me As soon as possible :))