"I think the whole point is to make her believe that she's perfect,the most beautiful"- Rob

"No matter what people say about our relationship,he's my best friend"- Kristen

Apr 18, 2011

HQ Pics of Rob and Kristen last night

HQ Untagged - from Pattinsonlife

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Video: UnScripted with Rob and Reese

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Get The Look: Kristen Stewart's Makeup At The 'Water For Elephants' Premiere

As promised ladies, I just got the deets on Kristen Stewart's makeup at The Water for Elephants NYC premiere.  Makeup artist Beau Nelson created the look, which was flawless! Still looking for a photo, stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the details on Kristen Stewart's makeup look.

1. Start by applying your shade of NatureLuxe Silk Foundation from COVERGIRL with a synthetic brush

2. Use a soft brush to blend a mid tone silver shadow all over the lid and around the eye. (COVERGIRL ExactEyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadows in Majestic Hazel or COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 1-kit Shadows in Platina)

3. Use a small brush to apply a white frost shadow to the inner corner of the eye

4. Apply 2 coats of COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara to both top and bottom lashes

5. Apply a nude-pink cream blush to the apples of the cheeks

6. Line lips with a deep burgundy lip liner and then fill in the lip, make sure to soften the edges with a clean dry lip brush before applying lip color

7. Apply a deep burgundy lipstick shade, like LipPerfection lipcolor in Burgundilicious

8. Finish with a touch of translucent powder on the t-zone

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HQ Photos: Robert Pattinson Arriving At Live With Regis And Kelly

Apr 14, 2011




VancouverObserver reports on the random fan encounters of the sweet people of Squamish,B.C. with Twilight's biggest stars...here are some excerpts and mentions involving the big three. Thanks KStewAngel

"The cast of Twilight drunkenly stumbled into McDonalds three nights ago after a late-night party," Chris, a McDonald's employee told the Vancouver Observer. "They came in here in a swarm."

The wedding scene in Breaking Dawn is apparently being filmed in Squamish, under tight wraps. But despite the secrecy surrounding the set, the crew themselves seem to be relaxed about showing up around town. And ever since Twilight's crew rolled into town, business has improved for some merchants, like Jay Dewitt, District Manager of Metropolitan Theatres.

“It all started when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart came to Red Riding Hood and social media took over. These young 14, 15-year-old girls were texting, facebooking and tweeting everyone they knew. By the end of the movie, we probably had over a 100 people inside our lobby and outside our doors waiting for the two of them to get out.”

DeWitt tried to calm the storm by escorting the Twilight stars out the back door. "The cool thing was that Rob came up and said, 'Jay, don’t worry about it, let them in.' Rob and Kristen stayed for a good 15, 20 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures,” he said.

A fan potted Pattinson and Stewart earlier at the Sheridan hotel in Vancouver but missed out on a photo opportunity. "We did see them but we were too in shock to take the picture," Mallory said. "They're so cute together."

Taylor fan encounter

"One of my mom's friends was walking around because she works with Bear Aware, and she was looking for bear tracks. She sees this really nice-looking guy running down the trail," said Lauren Aiken with a quick laugh.

"He just comes up to her and says, 'Hey, how's it goin'?' And she's like, 'Good.' And she's really, like, she doesn't watch Twilight, so she's like, 'Am I supposed to know you?' thinking in her head, and then he runs away. And then she describes him to me, and I'm like, 'Okay, I'm pretty sure that's Taylor Lautner,' and I show her a picture of him, and she's like, 'Yeah, that's him. Oh my God.'"

Kursten Jack said she nearly fainted when she met the star. Last I heard, they were in this Shady Tree in Brackendale," said 18-year-old Kurstin Jack. "I met Jacob." She was referring to Taylor Lautner who plays the werewolf, Jacob, in the Twilight series. "It was nerve-wracking. I almost fainted. I turned around and spilled my Booster Juice on him. He laughed," she said. Jack also dished on places where the cast has recently been spotted, like Parmesans Pizza, McDonald's and Burger King.

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Apr 9, 2011


We wish our lovely girl a very very 21 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May all your wishes come true ,and enjoy this day with your love ones,with that handsome guy that has stolen your heart,that you love so much. I'm sure he'll spoil you more then ever.