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Dec 19, 2010

Interview with Jackson Rathbone

We're sorry in advance if something doesn't make sense , but we translated it using Google Translate. if somebody has a better translation , please contact us and let us know.

The English site citv (known digital channel in the UK), published a intrvista to Jackson Rathbone, where he was asked to be the film "The Last Airbender" in which she plays the role of Sokka, who (of course) Twilight, all concentrated in eight questions. Good reading.

1) Have you had the unusual experience of taking the elements of an animated character in the television and take in a movie. You can share this story somewhere else on that experience and what made you accept the role of Sokka? I was a fan of the series at first and I was excited to turn what character in a movie.

2) Is there an item that you think would be great to be able to "dominate" in real life? I have to say water. It 'the most common element on our planet and our bodies.

3) Is there anything special about the relationship you have with Aang and Katara, a different type of family dynamics. How was working with Nicola Peltz and Noah Ringer? They are both young and sweet girl and it was fantastic to see them grow as actors, fibula, and martial artist. I learned a lot from them and hopefully they from me. It seems to me that Nicholas is a little sister Noah and brother could be that I never had.
 4) In one of the bonuses's Last Airbender DVD / Combo pack, explores how the cast and crew is trained to withstand the freezing temperatures to film the exterior of the film. Can you tell us more about that experience? What were the most difficult scenes for you? It was freezing! But we had fun in the cold ... War with snowballs, sliding his body, going to sleep with sled dogs howled in the night, getting immersed in the most beautiful with the sun rising on the ice ... I liked a lot. Joking aside, the hardest part about filming in Greenland was not to fall while they turned the scenes. It 's all frozen!

5) How have you been helpful in the training and preparations for the fight scenes in the Twilight Saga Eclipse in the film The Last Airbender? It 'was the opposite. I trained and I shot The Last Airbender few months before starting Eclipse. The most beautiful thing I ache Imara is how to keep the Proclamation during the fight for the screen. It should be realistic, but fighting is not fighting for the cameras in real life.
6) You had a full program with your band's 100 Monkeys. What are the common points in the artistic creativity of the actor and musician? Using an approach is as natural as possible for the music to acting. Art is an expression of the soul. I always liked to entertain and be entertained.

7) Have you built a large group of fans over the years. From Twilight to the last Airbender and your music, tell us about your fan base, they are something different, or are more or less similar? All these people I am honored to call fans have built my career as an artist and entertainer. Without their continuous love and support, I would not be able to do what I do ... They are ridiculously humble and grateful. Thank you all!
8) Can you tell us what you have in Serbia for the future? We have an album Sophomore album coming out with 100 Monkeys, which will be released in Feb. 2011, but before the album's record a couple of singles and possibly a video. Girlfriend movie that we wrote and produced was purchased for distribution. I signed on as executive producer and actor in a new television series Aim High, will be working with Warner Brothers and the McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision to make the series, so watch for future news. Lots of love!


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