"I think the whole point is to make her believe that she's perfect,the most beautiful"- Rob

"No matter what people say about our relationship,he's my best friend"- Kristen

Jul 8, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Inside Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Date Night!

The gorgeous Twilight couple got cozy while jamming out to Rob’s BFF Sam Bradley Tuesday night, and HollywoodLife.com has all the juicy details!

Twi-hards might have anticipated that Robert Pattinson would turn up to support his old high school pal Sam Bradley at LA’s Hotel Café July 7, but they were in for the surprise of their lives when R-Patz turned up with a date – GF Kristen Stewart!

The two were extremely low-key throughout Sam’s set, but weren’t afraid to ndulge in a little canoodling. “Rob and Kristen slipped in through a back entrance but after they were inside weren’t afraid of showing affection,” one insider tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “Rob was mostly standing behind Kristen during the show, resting his chin on her head and holding her close. He’d sing along to Sam’s songs and then kiss the back of her head.”
AW! We love it – and we so wish we were K-Stew!

Sam, an old British school friend of Rob’s, even got in on the action, dedicating a song to “a couple of his mates that decided to show up tonight.” The 24-year-old British hunk seemed stoked by the shout-out, yelling out inaudible words of encouragement to his buddy.

After the gig, Rob and Kristen, 20, went backstage to hang and congratulate Sam and his band before bailing. “There was a really friendly atmosphere backstage and Rob and Kristen were mostly left alone to relax,” our insider reveals. “At point, they were sitting close and talking while holding fingers – almost holding hands. It was adorable. They were clearly enjoying each other.”

Rob needs to enjoy as much of his girl as he can – Kristen will be MIA while filming her new flick, On the Road, from August 2 through September! 


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