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Jul 11, 2010

NEW Kristen and Taylor Stockholm FanEvent pics + a Fan Encounter *really sweet*

You can also read jossanks fan encounter with Kristen & Taylor in Stockholm on her blog HERE.

"I won a competition and had the chance to go backstage during the fan-event at Hovet in Sweden. I was also at the pressconference.
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Maybe you don't remember, but at the pressconference there was a question about how they respond to people telling them they love them. Well, that was me asking. I sounded really weird but you could understand that, right? I was nervous to death and my mouth was so dry! I'm still proud over myself that I had the currage to ask them something. Not even half of the reporters got to ask them something at the pressconference, so I was lucky.

It was surreal to see Kristen and Taylor in real life. They looked just like they do in photos and everything, but even more beautiful. I don't know what I expected but anyway! It kinda felt like they were animated Pixar-characters, because it was all so unreal to me.

Then at the fan-event I went backstage. It was a group of people (photo no. 2 under here) so I wasn't alone to meet them. My group was the first one and we sat back there waithing for Kristen and Taylor for over 20 minutes. The photographers took some test-shoots when we heard someone say "they are in the building" and my heart stopped for a second and then started to race.

A minute later they walked into the room. Kristen and Taylor said hello to everyone and Kris presented herself with name. We took some photos all together, there was no time for one-on-one pics. (But I was standing in the middle so I can cut myself out if I want to.) Then Tay hugged everyone because someone asked and then the next person also wanted a hug and the next... He was really soft actually!

I got Taylors autograph and he wrote my name on the poster (Josefine). I had to spell it for him, haha.

Then I walked over to Kristen and got her autograph. When she was done writing it I knew that I would regret not hugging her for the rest of my life. So I just asked her for a hug and of course she said yes. She was so skinny, seriously. Not like too skinny but you know, very skinny anyway. I was afraid she would fall when I hugged her too 'cause her heels were scary.

I didn't had the chance to talk to them much more cause it was very stressful. We had to go but still, it was the best day of my life".

Ankita :)

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