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Jul 12, 2010

Nikki Reed Talks Eclipse Details and Rosalie Hale

Citizen SmithI had always been excited about making it to this film, obviously.” says Reed. “Just for the sake of finally being able to justify Rosalie’s behaviour. I’ve carried that responsibility with me, making sure that people get where she’s coming from.”
The scenes, filmed around old West End buildings and the Hotel Vancouver, required hours in the hair and makeup chair to recreate Rosalie’s elaborate period look.
“That’s the process of moviemaking,” she says. “I also trained for seven weeks and didn’t end up in
the battle sequences — that’s a very silly mistake that we made.”
A glitch in the lighting of her action scenes meant her work couldn’t be used in the movie’s climactic conflict between werewolves and good and bad vampires.
Reed had quit smoking a month before filming started — she’s been off cigarettes for a year now — and says her friends in the cast helped.
“I was spending a lot of time going to the gym and being physcially active in order to get my mind off it,” she

says. “I hung out much more with Elizabeth Reaser this time because she’s very active, she inspires me. Taylor and I went jet-skiing, Kellan Lutz and I went to the gym. I was kind of with the jocks this time around.”
At work, another challenge to filming was Vancouver’s frequently changing weather. The story called for overcast skies, but rain sometimes forced them indoors.
“We were always kept close to the set because we had weather issues. We had to be prepared and ready to go at any given moment. We were all brought in every single day, put through hair and makeup and then we would wait our turn to see if they would need us.”



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