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Jul 12, 2010

Kellan Lutz scares obsessive Twilight fans with a dog

Kellan Lutz says that the constant attention of Twilight fans can be overwhelming - so it has bought a dog to frighten them.

Kellan Lutz has revealed his top tips for dealing with obsessed fans 'Twilight' - run and get a mad dog. The actor of 25 years old - who plays the vampire Emmett Cullen in the film series - admits that the attention of fans is sometimes overwhelming, so it has purchased a dog that hates them.

Talking about how he handles fame, said: "I can run faster now! I have a dog who does not like women. It is quite protective! And Kellan - who has been linked to his Twilight co-star Ashley Greene and actress '90210 'AnnaLynne McCord - insists it is not just the female fans who want to approach him.

Recently had a close encounter with a fan at a spa. He said: "I was naked and this guy came and said," You Kellan Lutz! I am a big fan. I was sitting there, naked in the water and just kept talking for 10 minutes. '

Kellan had an unusual encounter with an "obsessive" Twilight "and a pair of handcuffs. He explained: "Recently, a fan took wives to a convention where I was. I did not pay much attention to what she said, but she actually said: "Do you mind if I handcuff you? 'I was like,' Yes, do it! "Then I heard the click clack of metal noise - and was about to reach me. Luckily, security intervened "

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