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Jul 12, 2010

CM.com: Robert Pattinson Unearths His Workaholic Side

Robert Pattinson is a workaholic. The “Twilight” star, who was catapulted to fame by playing vampire Edward Cullen in the hit film franchise, hopes to continue his intense shooting schedule for the foreseeable future, because it makes up for the months he spent unemployed when he was first starting out as an actor.
“I just want to work as much as I am now. I like working all the time because I spent so many years before ‘Twilight’ just doing stuff for two or three months of the year,” he revealed. “The rest of the time I’d do nothing, or I’d just have tiny little jobs.”
While the 24-year-old hunk loves working, he hopes the “craziness” of his newfound fame will die down in the future. He explained, “I find periods to escape from it and places to get away to as much as possible. I try and tell myself that it’s just a job and that all this craziness won’t last forever.”


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