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Jul 19, 2011

'Twilight': Chris Weitz slams Robert Pattinson over 'New Moon' Scene

Did Robert Pattinson ruin New Moon?
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I will hit theaters in Scottsdale in November, but director Chris Weitz, is now breaking his silence on one of the former films in the series. Hollywood Life reported on Sunday that the director has slammed Robert Pattinson about a scene in New Moon. On his Twitter, he said tweeted the following on Saturday:

i’m watching NM and the FROLIC… WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING”// I can’t stay silent about this any more…it was ROB’s idea.

The scene mentioned is one of the scene's in the film that the fans found most amusing. Should Chris Weitz have publicly slammed Pattinson for the scene this weekend? Was the scene that bad?
As for Pattinson, he is currently wrapping up production on his latest project Cosmopolis. Filming was scheduled to wrap later this week, but the actor has reportedly wrapped filming earlier than expected, and he was seen in Los Angeles with Kristen Stewart over the weekend. They will appear together at this upcoming Comic Con's Breaking Dawn panel.

Fans are waiting for Breaking Dawn to hit theaters. This weekend, they should receive more new information as the film takes on Comic Con in San Diego. Here are some of the recent comments made on Twitter:

#breakingdawn is exactly four months away. O_o
I'm at THE theater to see HP right now. But then they showed the BD trailer and I totally flipped lol #BreakingDawn !

Breaking Dawn is set for release to theaters in Scottsdale and around the country on November 18. Did Pattinson ruin New Moon?


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