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Jul 28, 2011

#SWATH Tweet Updates from the Producer

palakspatel This was my view sitting on the panel yesterday in Hall H looking at 6000 fans. Dreams do come true peeps! #SWATH


@Paolastef: @palakspatel In which countries are you going to shoot @snowwhite?” #SWATH
  • UK

@Robsten_2011: @palakspatel the photoshoot for EW was held at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in San Diego?” #SWATH #snowwhite
  • Yes

@ellegreene10: @palakspatel Will filming take place exclusively in London or are you planning filming in other UK locations?”
  • All over UK.

@mddeese: @palakspatel Will u keep the fans updated during filming?
  • Of course!

More casting updates coming soon for #SWATH All is busy in London as we get closer to production. Hope everyone enjoyed the images!

@nehakris: @palakspatel tnx for the updates, but you didnt reply me, Are all the cast members in London now?”
  • No not yet “

@theMwagon: @palakspatel sorry to bug you but whereabouts in the UK are you filming?
  • Can't disclose sorry! “

@karenadub: @palakspatel will filming be done for kristen to promote BREAKING DAWN”
  • She'll have time to promote that in Nov

@RobstenDaily: @palakspatel will some filming be done in Scotland?
  • Not likely 

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