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Jul 28, 2011

Flashback Picture Post: Lucky cute little baby meets the cast of Twilight right on the set!

OK, so apparently I'm just a mom and not computer savvy at all!! I thought no one could get to my private pictures, but they did! Whatever! I'm really sad that I can't surprise you all with my cute baby pictures, but at least I can tell you my story and then post my pics!

If you were anything like me you were just so excited to hear each and every detail about those that got on the sets! I couldn't get enough, so I hope to give you all the details of my most amazing night ever! Still bummed to not be able to surprise you all!

So first off let me tell you how dumb I felt going to the set with a baby! I'm one of those moms that nurses for a year, so my babies pretty much go where I go if it is for a long time! This little girl of mine truly is a Twilight Baby! She has been apart of this obbession since she was a couple months old!

So, I couldn't get a hold of CaliCat because our cell phones didn't work in the mountains. I felt like the biggest dork coming there with a baby! It took me a long time to get my courage up to walk over to the set was and where the fans were standing! I finally did, and boy did it pay off to have her there!

As we were hanging out with Nikki, Kellan and Peter, Nikki just couldn't get enough of her! It was just like Rosalie being so drawn to her good friend, Vera's, baby Henry! She was talking to her and wanted to hold her. At first my baby, we'll call her TB for Twilight Baby, wasn't so sure about going to Nikki. Then she warmed up to her and Nikki was holding her taking pictures.

Peter in the background! :wink:

OME!!!! Is that so cute, or what???? TB was KISSED by Emmett!!!

So, then Nikki says; "I don't think I could get Kristen and Robert over here, but is it OK if I take her with your camera and take pictures of her with them?"

Ummmmm, let me think about it....... YES!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I sent my baby off with a vampire!!! I've endangered my baby by letting her be held, and kissed by a bunch of vampires!! I hope the social services don't take me away!! This is what Nikki comes back with...

Kristen in the back ground, in her truck!

Isn't Kristen's smile so pretty?

And here it is... Robert biting my baby!! So funny!

So word on the street is that he doesn't like kids! I beg to differ!!! And Nikki is a sweetheart!! She is beautiful, and I'm glad she doesn't have Rosalie's attitude! But I know that she will be able to act her perfectly!! So excited for this movie! I'm such an idiot though! I didn't ask her to do a chat with us! Be looking for the Rosalie love book thread! Let's give her some real TMs love!!!

Maybe these weren't new to you, but I hope you enjoyed none the less!! I'm sad I didn't get to be in any pics with Robert! But I can't complain, I talked to him and got his autograph the day before! Never in a million years thought I would get these chances! Still on cloud nine!!!

Oh, I fogot to mention this in my last write up! When I met Catherine, I told her thank you so much for putting her heart into this movie! It is making our dreams come true, and thank you so much!

TwilightMoms ! Via @imTulip [Thanks, honey!]


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