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Jul 4, 2011

celebs.gather.com: Kristen Stewart Goes Topless in 'On The Road'

Kristen Stewart is generating Oscar buzz for her performance in On The Road, but the story today has nothing to do with acting. It's all about her character, Mary Lou going topless in the movie.
Hollywood Life is linking to Egotastic, which has published a blurry image that they say shows Kristen in the buff in the backseat of a '40s-era car. It sure looks real, even if it's a long shot. And it makes sense.
The character plays a small but pivotal role in the story, written before Free Love became the anthem of a later generation. Mary Lou hitches a ride with the two main characters in the story, and soon sets about pitting the two against each other. And her beautiful body is her biggest weapon.
To make the story come to life would mean some graphic sex scenes had to be filmed. This would be a first for Kristen. But it wouldn't be the first time showing some skin landed an Oscar nomination. Or a win.
Going home with the gold statuette usually means an actor brought gritty realism to the role. Nothing less would ensure a win in this case.
Looks like Kristen Stewart is all grown up now...
See the photo HERE.

Image courtesy of Hollywood Life.
 by Tom Rose on Gather.com

The article was taken from HERE , but apparently, we didn't find any pictures of "topless Kristen" , like this dude  Tom Rose, said. Stay tuned.

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