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Jul 2, 2011

German article about Kristen and The Yellow Handkerchief on bild.de

The vampire-bride for ARD-witching hour

The Twilight star stars on Sunday in “The Yellow Handkerchief” (ARD 11.30PM)

Shortly before midnight, the witching hour, the ARD shows a cinema gem on Sunday - with "Twilight" vampire-star Kristen Stewart (21).

A tear of happiness from the eye of the viewer surfs when her film "The Yellow Handkerchief" (11.30PM) has his happy ending.

“Long before Twilight made me famous”, says Kristen Stewart (21), “the Hollywood legend Arthur Cohn gave me the chance to play a demanding role. I will never forget him that.”

Because on Sunday on the ARD, Stewart plays how she really is: dreamy, vulnerable, sassy, freedom loving, independent.


Who hugs Kristen Stewart, touches a shy deer (1.68 m). She has defiant, questioning, smiling, emerald eyes. She drives an old Toyota, has 3 dogs, surfs, is single.

She smells like freshly mowed grass (hair spray), she doesn’t like perfume.

She googles her name - 71 million hits! "I have to see what is going on - I'm a control freak. But it's crazy! It's scary what it says! An incredible amount of crap!"

BILD: What annoys you?

Stewart: That many people think that I'm ungrateful, conceited, arrogant.

BILD: How are you really?

Stewart: I'm quite normal. Ownership is not important to me. I don’t understand the excitement about me. It is just a hype. Millions of people love Bella from Twilight. But I'm not Bella. I just play her!


She wears "vintage fashion" (Second-hand look), an old gentleman's wristwatch and a Buddhist desire band.

The Twilight Saga is a billion dollar phenomenon – she became a multimillionaire. "The Yellow Handkerchief" is a romantic road movie.

Three people, three fates, three happy endings: A man is released from prison - Oscar-star William Hurt (61, "Robin Hood", etc.). He hitchhikes with a shy geek and a mysterious girl (Kristen Stewart) to New Orleans – to look for the love of his life.


Kristen was discovered at 8. At 11, she plays with her role model Jodie Foster ("Panic Room"). She loves her guitar, her jeans, her mother, her Vans shoes - and cigarettes.

Arthur Cohn told BILD: "Every girl in the world loves it to identify with her.“

On Sunday before midnight, we'll see why ...

I tried to translate it as best as I could.

Find the original German article here .



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