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Jul 1, 2011

NEXT MOVIE: Taylor Lautner: NFL Superstar

Taylor Lautner
       As every football fan knows all too well, the NFL lockout has dragged on for over a hundred days now, with the dispute between owners and players threatening to derail the entire upcoming season. But while most folks are hoping the work stoppage ends as soon as possible, there's at least one person who is using the lockout to his advantage.

   Taylor Lautner.

     Wait, Taylor Lautner? What? Yes, crazy as it sounds, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the chiseled "Twilight" hunk is about to moonlight as a football player -- for the comedy website Funny or Die, that is.

    And if the concept of Lautner + NFL isn't quite creating enough cognitive dissonance for you, we should also mention that the news come from teen crooner Nick Jonas of all people.
    "Why is Taylor Lautner trying out for the NFL?!?" Jonas asked rhetorically on twitter. "Find out next Wednesday on Funny or Die."
    For those of you who just broke your smartphone by falling on it in shock, we'll help you out: according to our calendar app, next Wednesday is July 6. So you have a few days anyway to finish recovering from the  idea of Lautner running around in those skintight, butt hugging spandex football capris the pros all wear.

    Will it be funny? Or will it die? We're not sure, but we do know one thing: if this is a side effect of the lockout, maybe we won't mind if the NFL doesn't go back to work any time soon.

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