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Jul 3, 2011

Palak Patel: #SWATH Producer answers some questions about the film on twitter


The producer to the film Palak Patel answers some questions on twitter about the film and the so called rumors.

@nchantng: @palakspatel If it's going to be 3 movies, are you filming two of them back to back in Aug?

No, we're only filming #SWATH

@loik13: @palakspatel Is it true that #SWATH will be a trilogy?”

Never said "trilogy" said "series of films". Focusing on first film now

@nonameformoi: @palakspatel are you going to Comic-Con too???” #SWATH


@nonameformoi: @palakspatel can u tell us when shooting start???” #SWATH


@BoubieD: @palakspatel is it true the sequels will be titled "SW and the Infinite Sadness" and "SW's Finest Hour"?”

No. Nothing is written

@BoubieD: Lol @palakspatel can you tell us what happens to Eric in the end?” #SWATH

No way!! You'll just have to see the film ;)


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