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Feb 22, 2011

Emma Watson And Dakota Fanning Might Be NYU’s Newest Child Stars

Forget about the “Suite Life” twins — we’ve been keeping our ear to the ground, and there’s a good chance that NYU will have some real child stars joining its ranks next year.
Twilight fans can start surreptitiously preparing their iPhone cameras. Following a tour (as reported last spring), sources say that Dakota Fanning has been accepted early to Gallatin, and is expected to enroll next fall.

Additionally, Harry Potter star Emma Watson was spotted touring Gallatin two days in a row last week, accompanied by school administration. Given her modeling career, New York would be a logical fit. Apparently, Brown students say that she’s not on campus anymore. That said, we’re fairly confident that if she decides to leave Providence and the Ivy League, it will have been thanks to Gallatin Bingo.

Given their popularity with tweens and teens, we can only begin to imagine how much applications to Gallatin will skyrocket over the next decade. So, enjoy those bingo boards while they’re still a hot commodity!


Via Twilightish


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