"I think the whole point is to make her believe that she's perfect,the most beautiful"- Rob

"No matter what people say about our relationship,he's my best friend"- Kristen

Feb 25, 2011


"I do not know why but all the interviews with Robert Pattinson, almost all at least start with a description of how he is dressed. My interview, however, has not yet written: it will be ready in Italy at the release of his new movie after “Twilight” , I mean ” Water for Elephants”; probably in May. But when I know that it will take me just to do something different, I will not say anything about how he was dressed.

But I also know that in the case of Pattinson, even the smallest detail can not be wasted, because millions of women worldwide, from 9 years old, would sacrifice more than just broken a nail just to get their hands on the smallest news about him. Here, then, a detailed account of Pattinson look. Meanwhile, the location, a second floor suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. Then the time: are the 3 and a half in the afternoon and although it is not his first interview of the day, he seems to be just pulled out of bed.

Finally he arrives: He pours himself a cup of coffee, “;I need to wake up”, he apologizes. And, indeed, he has the sleepy face, but her eyes incredibly clear. Then he sits down and puts his feet near the coffee table in front of the chair. He wears a pair of jeans blacks, quite narrow at the bottom to move back on bended knees exposing a piece of skin between the short socks (and those blacks) and the edge of his trousers. He has white skin, dark hairs and sparse. At the foot wears a pair of Dr. Martens, ├ža va sans dire, black. Complete put a T-shirt and a jacket that I would say vintage eye. The hair is shaved on the neck, with a little part visible front of the bunch, the skin is clear and smooth. And then his lips: I swear, the more red I’ve ever seen in a man..."



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