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Feb 23, 2011

Kristen Stewart's 'Adventureland' in Moviefone's Scenes We Love

Moviefone: Eisenberg's plays nerdy, James Brennan Kristen Stewart plays Em Lewin, a fellow games employee who he falls for almost immediately.

After a few sweet flirtatious moments, James and Em finally go out for drinks, and they have a short but unforgettable conversation about life, love and, of course, sex.

By this time, we know that Em has been having a fling with Brad (Ryan Reynolds), a married, shallow townie who lives to bed sexy young things in his mom's basement (classy, I know). Em is experienced, sexually speaking, but she also exudes an innocence that she usually keeps hidden around Brad and, well, everyone else. Her friendship with James brings out that innocence more and more as the film goes on; it's part of what's great about their relationship. (Stewart exhibits a natural charm in the role that's light years away form her awkward line readings in the Twilight movies.)

James is a virgin. He's a shy romantic, and after one sip of beer he tells Em that he had his heart broken recently. "I just thought I should ... tell you," he stutters. While he goes on about how his past relationship had "potential," Em stops his flow with one unexpected question: "Was the sex good?" James' delayed and non-specific response: "She was very sexy," changes the course of conversation, and he finally admits that he's never actually had "intercourse, specifically."

I loved this scene when I first saw the film because I could really relate to James and his reasons for staying a virgin for so long. He describes a scenario in which he could have had sex with an ex girlfriend, but the circumstances -- and the girl -- just weren't right. Translation: He wasn't in love with her, and in his own way, he demands more out of a relationship than meaningless sex. I also love this scene because it tells you everything you need to know about James in that moment – he's sensitive, nervous, shy and brutally honest – and Em's reaction hints at the depth and humor we'll see from the character later in the film.


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