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Feb 23, 2011

Noel Fisher (Vladamir) Interview about Breaking Dawn

movies.about: Noel Fisher, who'll soon be seen on the big screen in the action thriller Battle: Los Angeles, takes on the role of 'Vladimir' in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. Vladimir, for those not up on their Twilight trivia, is one of the Romanian vampires who come to the aid of the Cullen clan when they're threatened by the Volturi. Vladimir's decision to side with the Cullens is a self-serving one as he's a bitter enemy of the powerful ruling vampires and along with fellow Romanian, Stefan (Guri Weinberg), would like nothing better than to see the Volturi dead - or at the very least removed from power.

Fisher was taking a brief break from working on Breaking Dawn when we spoke by phone about his role in the much-anticipated final films of The Twilight Saga. And although he couldn't reveal any specifics about his scenes, Fisher was able to provide a little insight into what fans can expect from Breaking Dawn.

Exclusive Noel Fisher Interview
I know you're not allowed to say much about Breaking Dawn, but have you shot your scenes yet?
Noel Fisher: "Yes, actually. I'm back in Los Angeles because I have a two week break. We are done with the Louisiana portion - we're all done with that. The biggest part of my character stuff is done. We have some more stuff; I get to go back home to Vancouver for the first time to work. That will be kind of fun - it's a nice way to go back home. So, we're going to go up and shoot a couple more things up there. That's been a lot of fun. Everyone's really cool."

Is it tough to get into the mindset of an extremely powerful vampire? How do you find that within yourself to play?
Noel Fisher: "You know what's really funny is actually the lenses help a lot. The lenses help quite a lot because you see yourself in the mirror and you just kind of feel very vampirish."

Did you get more of a backstory on Vladimir? Did you get any notes from Stephenie Meyer that include info we didn't learn in the book?
Noel Fisher: "I had a sit-down with Bill Condon, but no. It's kind of like you just want to make sure that you've read the book - or at least I did. I wanted to make sure that I read the book and that I knew anything. I also did a little bit of online searching. One of the great things is that there's so many [sites], this big world that you get to explore online. All these other people have done all this research and know all these things, and have spent a lot of time. You Google 'Vladimir' and a bunch of stuff's going to come up, and you get to have the backstory."

Did you do anything special to bond with the actor who plays Stefan?
Noel Fisher: "Well, fortunately for me, Guri Weinberg plays Stefan and we have actually just a really natural kind of friendship that just kind of came right at our first meeting. So that really helped. We actually just got along."

Director Bill Condon isn't known for this sort of movie. How do you think he handled the action scenes?
Noel Fisher: "I think he handled them very well. The stuff that I've seen...unfortunately I haven't gotten to see the action sequence stuff, but I've heard that - the rumor mill on set is that it looks amazing. No, correct that. I did get to see one of my fight sequences. They're really, really...I think it's going to be very cool."
[Note: Fisher returned to the subject to clarify what he's seen] "The stuff that I got to see, my footage on Twilight, it's not too much a fight scene. It's just kind of like a cool...there's some cool visual effects stuff that they're telling me what they're going to do with."

Does it closely follow the book?
Noel Fisher: "Yes, it does. Absolutely."

So that means we'll hear Jacob Black [Taylor Lautner] call you Dracula #1?
Noel Fisher: [Laughing] "Can't tell you that!"

I had to try.
Noel Fisher: "Absolutely."

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