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Feb 18, 2011

'Cosmopolis' Preview with Indie Movies Online *SPOILERS*

This is a 2 part movie preview from IndieMoviesOnline. The links to both articles are below. This is a really good read on the unlikey paring of Pattinson and Cronenberg. How will it affect the film? Will Rob get rid of his teen heartthrob sterotype? There are a lot of spoilers in the article. I've only taken a few snipets of the article and tried to avoid too many spoilers, but this movie sounds like a really exciting new role and challenge for Rob. And I personally don't mind watching him play a more mature role.

IndieMoviesOnline: It is, on the surface, the most improbable of creative collaborations. Teen idol Robert Pattinson linking up with David Cronenberg, regent of body horror cinema and the man who made Geena Davis give birth to a maggot in The Fly. Both men can be seen to be gambling, spying greater rewards ahead. But can an adaptation of Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis deliver the payoff each desires?

The seeming improbability of the union was emphasised by the wider reaction when news first came through, just over a month ago, that Pattinson would be stepping in for Colin Farrell as leading man in Cosmopolis, based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Don DeLillo, and the latest venture behind the camera for Cronenberg. The director's disciples were aghast at the development, spitting nails and feathers alike that their filmmaking deity would sully himself by associating with a guy best known for making adolescent girls feel a bit funny in the tummy.
So what then does Cronenberg hope to achieve by selecting as his latest leading man a pasty-skinned Brit whose innate charisma has been unfavourably compared with that of a squashed canapé? In turn, what does Pattinson seek to gain by enlisting for a tour of duty with a director whose previous protagonists have included murderers, lunatics and a woman with a mutant penis growing from her armpit (Rabid)?
And what are the worldwide network of Patt-olytes, united in their adoration of self-denying vampire Edward Cullen, going to make of their dreamboat in a role which, if it adheres to DeLillo's source book, will see him repeatedly cheating on his wife, shooting a man dead in cold blood, and delivering the line “I want to bottle-fuck you slowly with my sunglasses on”?
It is easy to discern what Pattinson hopes to gain from the endeavour. Just as the day-long journey of Eric Packer can be seen as that of a God falling from the sterile sanctuary of Mount Olympus, to the dirty streets below where he is free to love and steal and kill with all the other humans, so Pattinson clearly wants to scrub himself of the stifling sheen of teen exaltation, and instead have the opportunities to make the kind of movies he wants to make.
However what Cronenberg does get through the casting of Pattinson – and what he wouldn't have got had Farrell not exited – is the ideal movie star embodiment of Eric Packer. Because while the Pattinson devotees might present him as a throwback to vintage teen icons (both James Dean and Holden Caulfield have been regularly invoked in connection with Remember Me), he is in truth as much a 21st century man as DeLillo's boyish billionaire.
The marriage between Packer and Pattinson seems natural therefore. We will likely find out sometime in 2012 if the marriage between Cronenberg and Pattinson proves equally harmonious.

Part 1 Preview
Part 2 Preview
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