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Feb 22, 2011

A New Inteview with Marcus Foster Talking About Robert Pattinson

Marcus Foster talks about Robert Pattinson in a interview with TLOBF
Is that how you also got a song in one of the Twilight films?
That was a different thing. That just came about as an accident. I just happen to be friends, well best friends, with the guy who is in the films.
Like who – Robert Pattinson?
Yes, he just took one the songs and ended up, yeah, putting it in the film.
Er, backtrack please. You are best friends with Robert Pattinson? As in, teen-idol, Robert Pattinson? You kept that quiet, that’s a pretty big deal.
It is not a big deal for me, because he always used to play and sing my songs for years and years and years.
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