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Feb 20, 2011

New Photos of @TheAlexMeraz at Eternal Twilight 5

Alex said the wolves were so tanned in NM that they looked like hot dogs! Also said they don’t mind spray-on abs.
Alex just did a great impression of Kristen!
On Alex’s first day on the NM set, he shouted a proper war cry at Kristen. It didn’t go down well.
Alex would have liked to play James or Carlisle – any man with a blonde wig.
Alex just told the story of Bronson’s muddy shoe hitting Tyson in the face. He said Taylor possibly pissed his pants.
Alex just finished filming an episode of CSI: NY. His real-life acting mentor plays his on-screen dad.
Alex wanted to be an archaeologist when he was younger.
Photo by @bellaandedward
Thank you also to @lasagarobsten and @Afroismbeatzz to share these pictures with all fans.

Courtesy of @lasagarobsten

                                                              Courtesy of @Afroismbeatzz 

244849995.jpg Courtesy of @EleanorFord
qr0jb.jpg Courtesy of @Afroismbeatzz
ml9wr.jpg Courtesy of @bellaandedward
244341186.jpg Courtesy of @lasagarobsten
814lez.jpg Courtesy of @bellaandedward
245088244.jpg Courtesy of @TwiZoneBr
xsrmv.jpg Courtesy of @bellaandedward
f4sqx.jpg Courtesy of @bellaandedward
245092665.jpg Courtesy of @verify_danny
xlvwcr.jpg Courtesy of @bellaandedward


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