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Feb 20, 2011

Twilight stars meet fans at Birmingham convention - pictures and report

 The French Connection l to R Nicolas Frejioni 22 Gaelle Redon 23 Elsa Andre 27 Emillie Rauseau, 22 Front Marion Flayac 22 Marion Desailly 20
TWILIGHT fans flew in to Birmingham from across the world yesterday to meet their favourite stars.
Around 650 people headed for the Fifth Eternal Twilight Convention – paying up to £895 to spend time with their vampire idols.
The Stephenie Mayer books have been turned into three blockbuster Hollywood movies propelling the cast, including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, into household names.
Yesterday some of the movie’s other stars met their dedicated fans at The Hilton Metropole, at Birmingham NEC.
They included Michael Welch, aka Mike Newton, Daniel Cudmore, who plays Vampire Felix and Jodelle Ferland – ‘newblood’ Bree Tanner.
And followers had come from far and wide to meet their heroes, who mingled with them on Friday night.
Twilight lover Erika Einhaus, 39, had travelled to the convention from Virginia, America. She said: “I’m addicted to Twilight, so when I found out they were here, I had to come.
‘‘I love them all.
Jodelle Ferland and Justin Chon
“Last night we were dancing with Michael Welch!’’
Cast members are also enjoying the thee-day convention which ends today.
Justin Chon, who plays Eric Yorkie, had earlier tweeted saying: “I’m in Birmingham. Where pints of Boddingtons flow all day long.”

Daniel Cudmore
And Alex Meraz, better known as shapeshifter Paul, tweeted; “An amazing turn out here in Birmingham!
‘‘It’s really fun to see familiar faces.”
As well as besotted Americans, the convention also attracted many Europeans, including a group of Belgians who met through their love of the series.
“There are 35 of us in Belgium, but only six have made it here,” said Almudena Herrera, 25. “This is my third convention and I’ve been to the movie premieres in London, Paris and Barcelona.
‘‘We all love the romance of the film, but also the vampires and werewolves.
Cathy Oliver 19 & Katie Astles 20 from Wolverhampton
‘‘We saw Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix, last night and he touched my friend’s necklace!”
And French fanatic Elsa Andre, 27, said: “I’ve watched the films over 50 times. And the book helped me get through a hard time in my life, so it is important to me.”
Wolverhampton girls Cathy Oliver, 19, and Katie Astles, 20, have been fans since the first books came out.
Cathy said: ‘‘We love this convention and earlier met Alex Meraz – he is such a babe!
‘‘He squeezed my hand and I practically died. We have been saving up since last year for the tickets.”
Prices for the event start at £88 for a standard adult programme or £29 for children, but can reach £895 for a VIP ticket – which includes dining with the stars

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