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Feb 20, 2011

Twitter-Review 'Abduction', the new film with Taylor Lautner!

A few days ago, some happy people attended a screening of Abduction, a new film with Taylor Lautner.

The "reviewers" have their views tweet - enthusiastic, apparently - I quote here a few:

     @ stacyfrancis: John Singleton directed the new film by Taylor Lautner and is great! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie! Fantastic!

     @ FTBkid: Having a screening of the new film from Taylor Lautner Abduction. It 'really good and Taylor is awesome (except in some unbelievable scenes).

     @ itzelistirred: Abduction is AMAZING! I was very happy to see it!

     @ KaisonAmini: Last night I saw the first version of the new film by John Singleton Abduction with Taylor Lautner (Pause lack female). E 'was good.

Taylor's new film seems to have received acclaim everywhere!Good job, Taylor!


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