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Feb 21, 2011

VIDEO: Mackenzie Foy arriving at Vancouver International Airport February 20

As there was a problem with the video, it couldn't be posted here , so if you wanna see it , click HERE to go directly to the source. We are sorry for the inconvenience .

Mackenzie Foy was just one of the actresses that arrived this evening in Vancouver.  I arrived at the airport around 5:30 pm and spotted several local autograph seekers and celebrity photographers.  There were also a couple of papparazzi girls in training and a freelancer reporter for a celeb magazine who surprised me as a Twilight Fan.  
I saw Michael Nyqvist arrive looking tanned and rested.  He must have been off in the sunshine somewhere.  He stopped and signed a few autographs but it was hard to get a pictures since the autograph hounds were blocking anyone who wanted to get a shot of Michael.  Michael was then whisked away with his driver.  Michael Nyqvist is working on Mission Impossible 4 and has been in and out of Vancouver over the past two months.
While I was tracking down Michael, another flight arrived and the first cast member from #BreakingDawn was spotted.  I think she gave herself away when she walked over to one of the three drivers with signs that said TSBD.
It was Mia Mastero.  She plays Carmen in Breaking Dawn.  She was casually dressed and wearing a floppy fedora.  She looked great and had a lot of luggage.  She even packed her guitar or some large instrument that resembled a guitar.
Shortly after Mia was loaded into her car, Mackenzie Foy and her mom went up to another driver.  Mackenzie is the principal actress for the role of Renesmee, the daughter of Bella and Edward.  
  It was easy to spot the cast because they went to the drivers holding the signs.  They also had a lot of luggage so it looks like they will be here for awhile.
Mackenzie was so sweet and looked very happy to be in Vancouver.  She smiled for all the photographers and I asked her a few questions about working in Vancouver and her role as Renesmee.  See the video.

I left shortly after that and Myanna Buring arrived.  She plays the role of Tanya.  Myanna was also dressed for comfort and prepared for all the cold weather of Vancouver.  I wanted to stick around longer but it just seemed very crowded at the airport with all the new paparazzi  and I was being balled out  for tweeting info about "some of the Twilight cast arriving".  

Tomorrow more cast will arrive and they will go through the process of hair, make-up wardrobe with new crew members and then rehearsals.  
It looks as though the rest of the  Denali Clan and other friends of the Cullens may also arrive within the week.  I am not saying for sure one way or another but I am speculating the Cullens, the Wolf Pack and Edward, Bella and Jacob will also be arriving in Vancouver shortly.  I am going to be vague because I do not know for sure but I will do my very best to hit the street to gather the information first hand.



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