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Feb 22, 2011

THE AWFUL TRUTH: Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Hang Tight in L.A., Vancouver and Everywhere

Robert Pattinson

They're baaaack.

The Twilight cast has descended upon Vancouver to finish up Breaking Dawn, and from the looks of things, their privacy is already a total downgrade from Baton Rouge, La.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived in Canada together yesterday night (via private jet, of course) to a swarm of paparazzi—before they were escorted to their hotel.

So what was the couple up to over the weekend?
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They had both been in Los Angeles, but it wasn't exactly free time for Rob.
R.Pattz had to do some press for Water for Elephants, but don't worry—it sounds like he had a great place to unwind.

Since most of the B.D. cast arrived Sunday, we're assuming Kristen waited for her BF to finish up some promos so they could fly together?

We hear that Rob and Kristen stayed together during their quick L.A. pit stop, which makes sense because they were spotted in the San Fernando Valley late Saturday night, at a Ralph's grocery store in Sherman Oaks.

Twitter was abuzz with the possible sighting, but we do have someone there who tells us Robsten came in shortly before midnight. We hear there was some "hand-holding" and playful touching as they made a quick store run.

Too adorbs, right?
Hopefully they got some rest before heading to the airport Monday together, and then to their hotel in Vancouver where we're told they also are staying together.
 Cue the tabloids for one of their "Robsten is sick of each other!" covers. But we can assure you that is not the case.

"They are as happy as ever," our on-set source tells us.
Oh, and stay tuned as we dig around a little more about why our gal Kristen is sporting a splint on her wrist, though in the meantime we're hearing it's nothing too serious.
Fight training gone wrong? We know K.Stew gets in on the action there at the end, so we wouldn't be too concerned Twi-hards.



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